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In my spare time I also like to draw and play with my Tamagotchis. I have made available some contents that I created and I hope you will enjoy them !

You will need the app MyMeets to use this pack. You can download the app and read all the explanations about MyMeets on Tamatown. Please note that MyMeets is a fan made app (credits Bolter#7401 thank you ! You can support him here) .

To add the pack to MyMeets, download and unzip the archive. Then, put the txt files in MyMeets > Assets > items > jp or en folder. Then when you launch the MyMeets app, the new contents will appear there. Sometimes, contents put in the “jp” folder still show up in the english tab of the app.


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Halloween Pack

Tamagotchi Downloads - Halloween pack

🡣 Download the Halloween Pack
🡣 Download the png file


Fall Theme Pack

🡣 Download the Fall Theme Pack (txt files)
🡣 Download the png files


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