Tamagotchi Downloads P’s



In my spare time I also like to draw (> My IG) and play with my Tamagotchis. I have made available some contents that I created and I hope you will enjoy them !

You will need a phone with INFRARED to be able to send contents to your tamagotchi  – like these phones for example.

To add the pack to MyMeets, download and unzip the archive. Then, put the txt files in MyMeets > Assets > items > jp or en folder. Then when you launch the MyMeets app, the new contents will appear there. Sometimes, contents put in the “jp” folder still show up in the english tab of the app.


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? Download the 2020 Christmas Hello Kitty Pink room


? Download the Pastel Christmas Pack


?Dowload the P’s Mushroom House file


Download the P’s Alice Pack 

Tamagotchi P's download items

Download the P’s Pokemon Pack